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SALUKI NS8102 Navigation Signal Simulator

Output Frequency

    BeiDou: B1:1561.098MHz, B2:1207.14MHz, B3:1268.52MHz

    GPS: L1:1575.42MHz, L2:1227.60MHz, L5:1176.45MHz

    GLONASS: L1:1602.00MHz, L2:1246.00MHz

    Galileo: E1:1575.42MHz, E5a:1176.45MHz, E5b:1207.14MHz

    RDSS: L: 1618.25MHz, S: 2491.75MHz

Modulation System: Mode: BPSK

Signal Scale: Channel number: Up to 8 channels per frequency

Signal Quality: 

    Spurious (max.): -40dBc

    Harmonics (max.): -35dBc

Phase Noise

    -75dBc/Hz @100Hz

    -80dBc/Hz @1kHz

    -85dBc/Hz @10kHz

    -90dBc/Hz @100kHz

Signal Power Control:

     Resolution: superior to 1dB

     Absolute accuracy: superior to 1dB

     Power Range: -150dBm to -60dBm

External Interface: RF output: one Type-N port (optional for two ports)

Power Supply: AC power: 220V±20V, 200W

Dimension: 518.4(W) × 44(H) × 482.6(D) mm



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