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PHYWE 15233-88D Student Set Water Digital (grades 7-10)

- Function and Applications:

Set for student experiments, especially suitable for teaching of natural sciences in primary school and early secondary school.

14 experiments are described: 

  • Water and ice

  • Sweet and salty solutions

  • The egg in water

  • The refrigerater in the beaker

  • Colder than ice

  • Soft and hard water

  • Soapsuds

  • Water and oil

  • The water mountain

  • The sinking paper clip

  • The soap vessels

  • The crack in the water surface

  • Water droplets

  • Cleaning water

- Benefits:

  • 3 experiments also digitally measurable on smartphone or tablet

  • The ideal combination of classic experiments (action competence) and digital data acquisition (media literacy)

  • Future-proof: Prepare today the transition to the digital school

  • All required materials and test descriptions in a stable and clear storage

  • Interdisciplinary experiments with age-appropriate descriptions - learning to experiment independently

  • Matching teacher Sets available for demonstration experiments

- Equipment and technical data:

  • Contains all necessary materials and description in a sturdy storage box with formed foam padding

  • Digital manual on CD (Languages: English, French, German)

  • Additional set for demonstration experiments and handbook with hints for teachers available.

- Scope of delivery:

  • Student set Water, TESS beginner Sciences 15233-88, 1

  • Cobra SMARTsense - Temperature, - 40 ... 120 °C (Bluetooth) 12903-00, 1

  • Button Cell CR2032, 3V (2 pieces) 07922-17, 1

- Recommended accessories:

  • DEMO beginner Applied Sciences set Water 13234-88



  • Quality Engagement
  • Easy change and return
  • Delivery Avaliable
  • Favorable payment

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