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PHYWE 13607-99 Timer 2-1 (0,000 - 9,999 s)

- Function and Applications:

The chronometer Timer 2-1 has a 4-digit digital display and has been specially designed for use in student experiments and demonstrative teacher experiments.

- Benefits:

  • The starting and stopping of the built-in timer piece, as well as counting, is effected by the opening and closing of electrical circuits, across light barriers or other TTL signal sources.

  • Many and various experimental requirements can be fullfilled with the 4 different operating modes that the Timer 2-1 makes available for track experiments, for the measurement of the time, of revolution, of a turning movement, for the direct measurement of the period of a full swing, of a mechanical pendulum and for the counting of events

- Equipment and Technical Data:

  • Operating temperature range: 5-40°C

  • Relative humidity: < 80%

  • Control: (Start/ Stop) by electricalcircuits (contact closure/ contact opening or level ACC to TTL-Norm)

  • Digital display: 4-Digit LED display, digit height 19 mm

  • Time measurement: Measuring range 0.000-9.999 s, resolution 1 ms

  • Pulse counting: Measurement range: 0-9999 pulses

  • Limiting frequency: 1 kHz,

  • Shading period: > 500 µs

  • Operating voltage: (Stabilized) 5 V ± 5 %, (suitable power supply 5 VDC/ 2.4 A, 13900-99, standardly supplied)

  • Power consumption: 1.8 VA

  • Supply connector: connecting socket for hollow plug, diam. 2.1 mm at the back of the instrument, 5 VDC/ 350 mA

  • Overvoltage and reverse polarity protection: up to max. 12 V

  • Housing dimensions (mm): 190 × 130 × 140 (W, H, D)

  • Weight: approx. 920 g

- Scope of delivery:

  • Power supply 5 VDC/4 A, according EN61558-2-16: 12651-99, 1



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  • Easy change and return
  • Delivery Avaliable
  • Favorable payment

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