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PHYWE 13604-99 Timer 4-4 (0.000- 9.999 s or 0000.0000- 9999.9999 s)

- Function and Applications:

Measures up to 4 times simultaneously. Multiple time measuring instrument for a variety of applications in teaching, wherever times are to be accurately measured. The timer unit has four 4 digit displays. The starting and stopping of the four built-in independent timers is actuated by the opening or closing of electrical circuits, or by means of light barriers or other TTL signal sources (e.g. a microphone).

- Benefits:

The 8 different operating modes allow the timer unit to be adjusted to suit almost any experimental requirement. Three different operating modes are suitable for track experiments (distance-time law for four tracks, measurement of speed at four positions, principles of collisions), and in each case all four displays are utilized. Two further operating modes allow, for example, the measurement of the orbiting time of a rotary movement and the direct measurement of the duration of a complete swing of a mechanical pendulum. If required, two of the 4-digit displays can be combined to give an 8-digit display (0000.0000 to 9999.9999).

- Equipment and technical data:

  • Four 4-digit LED displays

  • Digit height: 9 mm

  • Number of timers: 4

  • Measuring range: 0.000-9.999 s or 0000.0000-9999.9999 s

  • Resolution: 1 ms or 0.1 ms

  • Control (start/ stop): By electrical circuits (contact closure / contact opening or level according to TTL norm)

  • Integrated power supplies for lightbarriers 4 × 5 V, 1.5 A

  • Mains supply: 100 - 240 V ~, 50 -60 Hz Power requirement: 18 VA

  • Dimensions (mm): 184 × 140 × 130

  • USB - interface for updates of the firmware



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