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PHYWE 02679-00 Rocket Model

To demonstrate the rocket principle. Can be used as a water rocket or as an air rocket.

- Benefits:

  • The perfect device to get students enthusiastic about physics

  • Use ubiquitously available one-way bottles

  • Ideal for projects ("Who creates the rocket which flies highest?")

  • Datalogger to track acceleration and air pressure (height) can be integrated

  • Use any bicycle air pump to create propulsion pressure

- Equipment and Technical Data:

  • The system consists of launch station, 2 rockets

  • Rocket length 380 mm

  • Pressure setting of up to 4 bar

  • Flight altitude: up to 70 m (water), up to 10 m (air)

- Optional accessory:

  • Replacement rocket (02679-10)

  • Air pump for model rocket 02679-20



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