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Things to keep in mind before buying a coating thickness gauge

In the current era, in the fields of industrial production, the application of coatings and plating processes on the surfaces of materials, equipment, and components has become an indispensable part. Common applications include copper coating of electronic circuit boards, powder coating of aluminum and steel surfaces, galvanizing of motorcycle rims or spokes, as well as coating of vehicle bodies. Bowl.

Things you don't know about coating thickness gauges

In the current era, in the fields of industrial production, the application of coatings and plating processes on the surfaces of materials, equipment, and components has become an indispensable part. Common applications include copper coating of electronic circuit boards, powder coating of aluminum and steel surfaces, galvanizing of motorcycle rims or spokes, as well as coating of vehicle bodies. Bowl.

Because of the importance of this process, measuring and evaluating the quality of the coating thickness becomes an extremely important task. This involves not only ensuring the quality of the product, but also determining accuracy and meeting other product requirements.

What is coating?

Coatings, known as surface layers, coatings, varnishes, and many other names, are an important part of the surface of equipment such as furniture, machinery, engines, and industrial products. other. Coating thickness is simply a measurement of the thickness of the surface layer on a specific product. For each type of product, regulations on coating thickness will be different to ensure quality and effective protection of the product surface, including anti-corrosion, anti-rust, and anti-cracking.

Concept of coating thickness gauge

Coating thickness gauges, also known as surface layer thickness gauges, are responsible for measuring and determining the thickness of the dry film on the outside of the product. The thickness of the surface layer plays an important role in evaluating the quality, durability and value of each device.

Currently, coating thickness measuring devices are being commonly used in many industrial production industries such as boiler manufacturing, automobile manufacturing and the paint industry. Each thickness measuring device must ensure reliability, complying with international measurement standards to ensure the best quality and performance.

Operating principle of coating thickness gauge

The operating principle of coating thickness measuring devices is a very diverse and complex field. First of all, it should be emphasized that this article focuses on the operating principle of dry coating thickness gauges, which do not come into direct contact with the surface.

Currently, there are a variety of advanced methods for measuring paint layer thickness. These include the use of ultrasonic waves, x-rays, micrometers, or even the use of electromagnetic induction and eddy currents for non-destructive testing methods. In addition, in the case of using destructive testing methods, one can apply cross-sectioning or mass analysis to measure and check the quality of the paint layer. government.

Classification of coating thickness gauges

Coating thickness gauge using X-rays: This is an extremely accurate measurement method and is capable of measuring multiple coating layers at the same time. This method is often widely applied in the electronics and precision mechanical industries to measure the plating layer of circuit boards or the coating of gears and machine parts. Coating thickness measuring devices using X-rays can measure up to 3 coating layers at the same time, with a minimum thickness of only 5μm or less. However, the disadvantage of this method is that it requires high radiation safety, and therefore, these machines are often bulky and only suitable for use in desktop form.

Coating thickness gauge using electromagnetic and magnetic induction methods: Specifically designed to measure coatings on magnetic metal substrates such as iron and steel, this method uses magnetic sources , consisting of a permanent magnet or rotating magnetic field, acting on the coating surface. The measuring device will record the change in its magnetic flux density, as this changing flux density is directly related to the distance from the coating surface to the base metal surface. Thanks to this method, the device can accurately analyze and calculate the thickness of the coating layer.

Coating thickness gauge uses the eddy current method: Used to measure coatings on conductive metal substrates such as aluminum and copper, this method is the result of applying a magnetic field that varies over time. (probe) comes close to a conductive object. When this happens, an induced current will appear on the surface of the conductor, also known as eddy current or Foucalt current. This provides information about the conductive properties and the distance from the probe to the conductive surface (this distance is the thickness of the coating). Thanks to this method, the device can accurately calculate the thickness of the coating layer.

Applications of coating thickness gauges in life:

- Coating thickness gauges have wide applications in the coating industry, especially in surface spraying technology. Measuring coating thickness during the paint spraying process is an important step to ensure the quality and uniformity of the coating on the product surface.

- In the automobile manufacturing industry, measuring coating thickness is an indispensable factor. The factory needs to accurately check the thickness of the coating on different parts of the vehicle to ensure compliance with quality and safety standards.

- In the field of electricity, measuring insulation layer thickness is an important job. Coating thickness gauges are used to ensure that the insulation layers on electrical components are not broken or weakened, while ensuring safety in the electrical system.

- The mechanical and machinery industries need to apply coatings to protect product surfaces from environmental influences. Coating thickness gauge is an important tool to ensure the quality and thickness of coatings during the production process.

- In pipeline construction, checking paint layer thickness is an important part of ensuring the sustainability and quality of the system. Coating thickness gauges assist in ensuring that the coating on pipes meets specifications.

- Nowadays, coating thickness gauges have been developed with many advanced features to optimize the measurement process. Includes multiple measuring heads for each material thickness, ability to communicate with PC via wired or wireless connection for data comparison and storage, ability to measure at high temperatures, ability to automatically identify coatings and substrates, as well as the ability to measure on rough surfaces. This ensures flexibility and high accuracy for coating thickness inspection.

List of coating thickness gauges you can refer to:

SAUTER TB 1000-0.1FN coating thickness gauge

Elcometer A456CFNFTS Coating Thickness Gauge (IP64, bluetooth, magnetic and non-magnetic probe not included)

EXTECH CG204 coating thickness gauge (magnetic, non-magnetic)

DEFELSKO Positector 6000 FS1 paint, coating and plating thickness gauge

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