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Lonroy LR-3A 数字氧指数测试设备 (0-100%)


LR-3A Digital oxygen index tester is suitable for the determination of the combustion performance of plastics, rubber, fiber, foam plastics, film and textile materials

Techinical Parameter

1. Range: 0-100%

2. The built-in temperature controller to control the temperature, the control range: 23 ℃ ±2 ℃

3. Digital resolution: 0.1%

4. Measurement accuracy: 0.4 grade

5. Flow regulation range: 0-10l /min (60-600l /h)

6. Response time: < 5S

7. High temperature resistant quartz glass tube, inner diameter 75 mm height 480 mm or more

8. Gas flow rate in combustion cylinder: 40mm ±2mm/s

9. Pressure gauge accuracy 2.5, resolution: 0.01mpa

10. The flowmeter: 1-15 l/min (60-900 l/H) is adjustable, test environment: the environment temperature: room temperature ~ 40 ℃; relative humidity: 70%;

11. Input pressure: 0.2-0.3mpa

12. Working pressure: nitrogen 0.1-0.15mpa oxygen 0.1-0.15mpa oxygen/nitrogen mixed gas inlet: including pressure regulator valve, flow control valve, gas filter and mixing chamber.

13. The sample holder can be used for soft and hard plastics, textiles, fire doors, etc

14. Propane (butane) ignition system, flame length 5mm-60mm can be adjusted freely

15. Gas: nitrogen and oxygen for industrial use with purity of > 99%;(user supplied).

16. Power requirements: AC220 (±10%) V, 50HZ

17. Maximum working power: 50W

18. Igniter: made of a metal, end diameter Φ 2 ±1 mm nozzle, can ignite sample in combustion

tube, the flame length: 16 ±4 mm, the size is adjustable

19. Self-supporting material sample holder: it can be fixed in the position of the axis of combustion cylinder and can hold the sample vertically

20. Non-self-supporting material sample holder: two vertical edges of the sample can be fixed on the frame at the same time (optional for non-self-supporting materials such as textiles and films).


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