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Huazheng CS2670Y Withstand Voltage Hipot Tester

- ACW:

Output voltage: (0.00~5.00)kV

Max. output power: 100VA(5.000kV/20mA)

Max. current: 20mA

Current range: 2mA、20mA

Output waveform: sine wave

Waveform distortion: ≤5%(unload or pure resistance load)

Test time: 0.0s~999s 0=continue

- Volt meter:

Range: 0.00kV~5.00kV

Accuracy: ±(5%+5 word )

Resolution: 10V

Displayed value: RMS

- Ammeter:

Range: AC: 0.100mA ~ 20.00mA

Resolution: AC: 2mA:1uA, 20mA:10uA

Accuracy: ±(5%+5 words)

- Timer:

Range: 0.0s~999s

Min. resolution: 0.1s

Accuracy: ±(1%+50ms)

- PLC interface: no

- Remote interface: yes



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