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Bonnin TGA101 热重量分析仪 (0.01mg ~ 3G)

1. Temperature range: room temperature ~ 1200 ℃

2. Temperature resolution: 0.01 ℃

3. Temperature fluctuation: ± 0.01 ℃

4. Heating rate: 0.1 ~ 100 ℃ / min

5. Temperature control mode: PID control, heating, constant temperature and cooling.

6. Program control: program setting multi-stage temperature rise and constant temperature, and five sections can be set at the same time.

7. The measuring range of the balance: 0.01mg ~ 3G, which can be extended to 50g.

8. Precision: 0.01mg

9. Constant temperature time: arbitrary setting

10. Resolution: 0.1ug

11. Display mode: 7-inch Chinese character large screen LCD display.

12. Built in gas flow meter and gas flow control device

13. Software: intelligent software can automatically record TG curve for data processing, TG / DTG, mass, percentage coordinates can be arbitrarily switched;Software with automatic adjustment function, according to the map display, automatic extension, scaling

14. The gas path can be set with multi-stage automatic switching without manual adjustment.

15. Data interface: standard USB interface, special software (software upgrade for free from time to time).

16. Power supply: AC220 V, 50 Hz

17. Curve scanning: heating scanning and cooling scanning

18. Five test maps can be opened at the same time for comparative analysis

19. Cooling time: ≤ 15min, 1000 ℃ ~ room temperature;Air cooled cooling device is selected to reduce temperature quickly and improve test efficiency.

20. Crucible type: ceramic crucible, aluminum crucible

21. Crucible size: 5 * 5mm; 7.5*7.5mm

22. Standard substances: one bag


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