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UNI-T UTL8211 DC Electronic Load (1CH; 0-150V; 0-40A; 400W)

Number of channel: Single channel

Input ratings(0~40°C):

- Voltage: 0~150V

- Current: 0~4A; 0~40A

- Power: 400W

CV mode:

- Range: 0~18V, 0~150V

- Accuracy: ±(0 .05%+0 .1%FS)

CC mode:

- Range: 0~4A; 0~40A

- Accuracy: ±(0.05%+0.05%FS)

CR mode:

- Range: 0.05Ω~7.5KΩ

- Accuracy: 0.1%+0.5%FS

CP mode:

- Range: 400W

- Accuracy: 0.1%+0.5%FS

Dynamic mode:

- T1&T2: 100µS~3600S

- Accuracy: 5µs±100ppm

- Slope: 0.001 ~0.15A/µs

Readback voltage:

- Range: 0~18V, 0~150V

- Accuracy: ±(0.05%+0.1%FS)

Readback current:

- Range: 0~4A; 0~40A

- Accuracy: 0.05%+0.1%FS

Readback power:

- Range: 400W

- Accuracy: ±(0.1%+0.5%FS)

Over-temperature protection: ≥95°C

Resolution: 1mV/1mA

Basic mode: CC/CV/CR/CP

Test mode: Dynamic mode, list mode, battery test

System setup: Language: Chinese/English, key tone setting

Data storage: 60 sets of data memory

Interface & protocol: RS-232 interface and SCPI protocol

Power: 110V/220V; 50/60Hz

Display: 2.8 inches LCD

Weight: 3.6kg

Size: 300mm x 88mm x 174mm

Standard accessories:

- International standard power cord

- 250V/0.5A fuse (only for 110V input voltage)

Optional accessories:

- Power cable 3C





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