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UNI-T UT3516 Micro Ohm Meter (20mΩ~2MΩ; 1μΩ~100Ω)

Resistance range: 20mΩ / 200mΩ / 2Ω / 20Ω / 200Ω / 2kΩ / 20kΩ / 200kΩ / 2MΩ

Resolution: 1μΩ / 10μΩ / 100μΩ / 1mΩ / 10mΩ / 100mΩ / 1Ω / 10Ω / 100Ω

Test current: 1A/ 1A/ 100mA/ 10mA/ 1mA/ 1mA/ 100μA/ 10μA/ 1μA

Testing terminal open-circuit voltage: <1V /<1V/<1V/<1V/<5V/<5V/<5V/<5V/<3V

Measured parameter: DC resistance

Basic accuracy: Slow: 0.1%, Medium: 0.2%; Rapid: 0.5%

Maximum reading: 22000

Range mode: Auto/manual/nominal

Speed: Slow: 3 times/s, Medium: 18 times/s, Rapid: 60times/s (Only for UT3516)

Calibration: Short-circuit full range zeroing

Sorting function: 3 types of resistance and voltage input: exceeds upper limit/exceeds lower limit/within the range, 2 types of sorting result output: PASS/FAIL

Comparing method: Absolute tolerance, percentage tolerance, direct-reading comparison

Trigger mode: Internal, external

Button functions: Lock -keyboard lock, OK -screenshot

System setup: Language: Chinese/English, key tone setting

Interfaces & protocols: Handler interface, RS-232, USB Device and USB Host communication interface, SCPI and Modbus protocol

PC software: Yes

Power: AC 100N 240V, 50/60Hz

Display: 4.3 inches LCD

Product net weight: 3kg

Product size (WxHxD): 214mm x 89mm x 340mm

Standard accessories

- International standard power cord

- UT-L82: Kelvin test lead x 1

- Factory calibration report x 1

Optional accessories:

- Temperature compensation line





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