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SALUKI SPA-V-100 Solid State Power Amplifier (47GHz ~ 51.4GHz, 100W)

Frequency Range: 47GHZ - 51.4GHz

Psat Output Power: ≥ 50dBm

IMD3: ≤ -20dBc @47dBm

Input VSWR: 1:5:1

Gain Flatness: ≤ 1dBp-p (Within 40MHz band)

                        ≤ 3dBp-p (Within 500MHz band)

                        ≤ 5dBp-p (Within 1600MHz band)

Small Signal Gain: ≥ 70dB

Power Stability: ≤ 0.5dB/24h

Rated Output Power: 50dB

Input Port: 1.85mm (female)

Output port: WR19

Communication Interface: Network port

Power Supply: 220V±15%

Operating Temperature: -40 ~ 60℃

Dimension: 385×250×230 mm

Weight: 25kg



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