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SALUKI SER3600 EMI Test Receiver (1kHz – 3.6GHz)

1. SA Mode

Frequency Range: 1kHz – 3.6GHz

Single Sideband Phase Noise:

         -90dBc/Hz @ frequency offset 30kHz

        -1100dBc/Hz @ frequency offset 1MHz

Maximum Input Level: +36dBm average continuous power,  Maximum 50Vdc DC input voltage

DANL (pre-amplifier off): Frequency Conversion Channel:

       100kHz – 1MHz: ≤-100dBm-30*(f/100kHz)dB

       1MHz – 10MHz: ≤-130dBm

       10MHz – 1GHz: ≤-135dBm

       1GHz – 3.6GHz: ≤-140dBm

DANL (pre-amplifier on)

    Frequency Conversion Channel:

       100kHz – 1MHz: ≤-120dBm-30*(f/100kHz)dB

       1MHz – 10MHz: ≤-150dBm

       10MHz – 1GHz: ≤-155dBm

       1GHz – 3.6GHz: ≤-148dBm

   Low Frequency Channel:

       5kHz – 10kHz: ≤-110dBm

      10kHz – 10MHz: ≤-125dBm

Attenuator Range: 0 – 39dB, 3dB stepping

Detector: Automatic, normal, positive peak, negative peak, sampling

2. EMI Mode

Frequency Range: 1kHz – 3.6GHz

Resolution Bandwidth: 200Hz/9kHz/120kHz/1MHz (-6dB)

Detector: Positive peak, negative peak, Quasi-peak, average, RMS

Scan Time: 100us – 100s

Number of Traces: 3 (parallel detection)

Frequency Response: ±2.0dB

3. Tracking Source

Frequency Range: 10kHz – 1.5GHz

Output Power: -30dBm to 0dBm

Output Flatness: ±3dB

Display: 8.4 inch true color TFT-LCD

Communication Port: LAN, USB

Dimension: 280 (W) × 400 (L) × 190 (H) mm

Weight: 7.5kg



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