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SALUKI SEC1106A Electrochemical Workstation (Bandwidth 3 MHz )

Max. Current Output: ±300mA continuous, ±420mA peak

Output Voltage: Maximum ±10V

Cell Connections: 2, 3, 4

Signal Acquisition: 3 independent acquisition links. Using adaptive filtering, amplification technology; adopting 16-bit, 10MSPS sampling rate ADC

CA Gain Bandwidth: 22MHz

Rising Time: 200V/μs

Electrometer Bandwidth: 10.5MHz (-3dB point)

Slot Pressure: ±10V, need to load 1.2k

Current Axis Bandwidth: 

      500R – 10MHz

      5kR – 1.5MHz

      50kR – 0.15MHz

Voltage Measurement:

      Voltage range: ±0.02V, ±0.05V, ±0.09, ±0.023V, ±0.046V, ±2.28V, ±4.55V, ±10V

      Resolution: 0.0015% of measuring range

Current Measurement

      Current range: ±228pA to ±300mArms

      Resolution: 0.0015% of measuring range, minimum 6.94fA

AC Impedance Method:

      Frequency range: 0.1Hz – 3MHz

      Amplitude: 5mVrms to 1Vrms

      Accuracy: 1%

Cyclic Voltammetry: 

      Initial potential: -10V to +10V

      High potential: -10V to +10V

      Low potential: -10V to +10V

      Scan rate: 0.001V/s to 10000V/s

      Sampling interval: 0.001V to 0.064V



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