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SALUKI SCAVNA40FM-(2.92/2.4) High Performance VNA Test Cable Assemblies (DC - 40GHz, NMD 2.92mm female to NMD 2.4mm male connector)

Frequency Range: DC – 40 GHz

VNA End: NMD 2.92mm female

DUT End: NMD 2.4mm male

VSWR: 1.3

Insertion Loss: < 2.8 dB

Phase Stability: < ±2.5°

Amplitude Stability: < ± 0.05 dB

Shielding Effectivity: > 100 dB

Cruch Resistance: > 130 kgf/cm

Length: 63 cm (24.8 inch)

Impedance: 50 Ω

Outer Diameter: 15.2 mm

Minimum Bend Radius: 50 mm

Connector Materials:

   Body: Stainless steel, Passivated

   Center conductor: Au-plated beryllium Copper

Cable Materials

   Center conductor: Au-plated copper

   Dielectric: PTFE

   Inner braid: Ag-plated copper braid

   Outer conductor: Ag-plated copper tape



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