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SALUKI S87234D Peak and Average Power Sensor (50 MHz ~ 18 GHz)

Frequency Range: 50 MHz to 18 GHz

Power Range: 

Normal: -30dBm ~ +20dBm (50MHz – 500MHz); -35dBm ~ +20dBm (≥ 500MHz)

Avarage: -45dBm ~ +20dBm

Damage Level:

+23dBm (average power)

+30dBm (peak power, duration <1us)

Rise/Fall Time: ≤ 13ns

Sampling Rate: 80M Samples/sec, continuous

Video Bandwidth: ≥30MHz

Pulse Width: Minimum 50ns

Accuracy: ≤±0.20dB (±4.5%)

Maximum SWR: 

1.20 (50MHz - 2GHz)

1.26 (2GHz - 18GHz)

Connector: N-Type(m)

Dimension (W×H×D): 141.1mm × 52.0mm × 34.0mm

Weight: < 0.3kg



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