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SALUKI S3600-485 Vector Network Analyzer (300 kHz ~ 8.5 GHz, 4 ports)

Frequency Range: 300 kHz to 8.5 GHz

Frequency Resolution: 1 Hz

Frequency Accuracy: ±5×10-6 (23°C ± 3°C)

Number of Measurement Points: 2 to 20001

Measurement Bandwidth: 1 Hz to 2 MHz

Max. Dynamic Range

    100kHz – 300kHz: 97dB, typ. 115dB

    300kHz – 10MHz: 112dB, typ. 115dB

    10MHz – 6GHz: 125dB, typ. 130dB

    6GHz – 7GHz: 124dB, typ. 129dB

    7GHz – 8.5GHz: 123dB, typ. 128dB

Output Power Range

    100kHz – 300kHz: – 50dBm to +5dBm

    300kHz – 7GHz: – 50dBm to +10dBm

    7GHz – 8.5GHz: – 50dBm to +8dBm

Effective Directivity: 38dB – 49dB

Transmission Measurement Accuracy

    +5dB to +10dB: 0.2dB / 2º

    -50dB to +5dB: 0.1dB / 1º

    -70dB to -50dB: 0.5dB / 3º

    -90dB to -70dB: 2.5dB / 8º

Reflection Measurement Accuracy

    -15dB to 0dB: 0.4dB / 3º

    -25dB to -15dB: 1.0dB / 6º

    -35dB to -25dB: 3.0dB / 20º

Trace Noise: 2 mdB rms (IFBW= 3 kHz)

Temperature Stability: 0.01 dB/℃

Measurement Time Per Point: 42 us

Typical Cycle Times Versus Number of Measurement Points: 51ms, 201ms, 401ms, 601ms (IFBW 30kHz)


     51 points: 13ms

     201 points: 52ms

     401 points: 104ms

     1601 points: 413ms

Full 2-Port Calibration

     51 points: 34ms

     201 points: 73ms

     401 points: 125ms

     1601 points: 434ms

Measurement Parameters: S11, S21, S12, S22

Test Port Connector: N-type, female

Number of Built-In Ports: 4 ports

Impedance: 50 Ω

Power Consumption: 65 W

Dimension: 425 (W) × 400 (H) × 122 (D) mm

Weight: 8.1 kg




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