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PHYWE P1120801 Influence Of The Phase Difference On The Interference Patterns Of Two Exciters

>> Benefits

Reflection-free basin on adjustable feet

Amplitude and frequency variable excitation dipper system

Stroboscope for synchronous and "slow-motion" projection of waves

Simultaneous LED display of: frequency, amplitude, phase shift and type of illumination

Control of all parameters takes place via the keypad located on top

Projection on transparent drwaing table for distortion-free image of the wave pattern

Green LED for brilliant pictures

A simple display of the wave pattern is easily possible by placement of a sheet of paper

>> Scope of Delivery

[Device x Quantity]

PHYWE Ripple Tank with LED light source, complete set x 01

External vibration generator for PHYWE Ripple Tank x 01

Connecting cord, 32 A, 500 mm, red | Length: 500 mm x 01

Connecting cord, 32 A, 500 mm, blue | Length: 500 mm x 01



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