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HINOTEK HM-3000A Bacti Cinerator Sterilizer (825°C ± 50°C, 150mm)

Center High-temperature: 825°C ± 50°C

Max-diameter of Sterilizer Goods: Φ14

Length of Sterilizer: 150mm

Dimensions(DXWXH): 185 x 98 x 190mm

Power: 170W

Net Weight: 1.3kg

Adjustable angle range of heater:  —-


AS-07021-01: 220V Heater for HM-3000A

AS-07021-02: 120V Heater for HM-3000A

AS-07021-03: Holder for HM-3000A



  • Quality Engagement
  • Easy change and return
  • Delivery Avaliable
  • Favorable payment

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