Yamato DL410 喷射烘干器 (40°C~300°C)

Water evaporation rate: Max. approx. 3,000 mL/h

Temperature control range: 40°C to 300°C

Blower/Dry air flow rate: Brushless motor/0.3 to 1m3/min

Spraying system: Two-way nozzle (Dia. of orifice: 0.7mm)

Spray/hot air contact system: Downward spray parallel flow system

Temperature display: Inlet temp. output temp. digital display (0~320°C)

Temperature sensor: K thermocouple

Stainless pipe heater: 2kW×2

Sample liquid feeding pump: Flow rate variable up to 70mL/min.

Solvent recovering capability (optional): Organic solvent recovery unit GAS410 must be used

Drying chamber: Ultrahard glass, I.D. 457×975(H)mm

Spray line cleaning: Needle inside the nozzle to clean the mesh automatically

Safety device: Inlet/Outlet temperature overheat, Sample feed reverse rotation mechanism, Overheat prevension of heater room, over current electric leakage breaker, Safety cover

Dry air flow meter: Float type, Measuring range:0.3~1.2m3/min

Air spray pressure gauge: Bourdon type, Measuring range:0~0.3MPa

External dimensions: W1060×D880×H1,750mm

Weight: Approx. 180kg

Power source: AC 220V, single phase 22A

Included Accessories:

Sample liquid tube: Silicone tube (I.D. 3.2mm ×O.D. 6.4mm ×2m), 2pcs

Static removal brush: 1pc

Air hose: I.D. 7.9 mm×3m, 1pc

Exhaust duct: I.D. 50mm×3m, 1pc

Optional Accessories

Spraying nozzle: 4, 5 (options), 3 standard

Compressed air: 28 L/min air volume and 3kgf/cm2 compressed air is required



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