Table size: 1320*1010mm

Max. allowable torque on spindle: 1100N.m

Max. allowable torque on facing head tool holder: 1100N.m

Max. allowable axial feed force on spindle: 13000N

Spindle speed range: 12-1100r/min

Facing head speed range: 4-130r/min

Rapid feed speed of spindle: 3600mm/min

Rapid feed speed of facing head radial tool holder: 1180mm/min

Spindle diameter: 110mm

Distance range from spindle nose to table surface: 5~905mm

Vertical travel of headstock: 900mm

Spindle axial travel: 550 mm

Radial travel of facing head tool holder: 160 mm

Longitudinal travel of table: 1350 mm

Cross travel of table: 1250 mm

Max. boring diameter of spindle: φ240 mm

Max. diameter of facing head tool holder: φ630 mm

Max. drilling diameter: φ50 mm

Spindle taper: BT50

Main motor power: 11/15kW

Rapid feed speed of X,Y,Z: 5000mm/min

Positioning accuracy of coordinate: X, Z: 0.04 mm, Y: 0.032mm

Positioning accuracy: 0.02/500mm

Repeat positioning accuracy: 0.014/500

Overall dimension(L*W*H): 5375×2995×3035 mm

Net. weight: 12300kg

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