Vessel HPG-1 高功率电离枪

Ionizing Method : AC corona discharge

Applied Voltage /Frequency : 3.5kVAC / 50/60Hz (to be set and/or adjusted on the GP-1 4kV)

Operating Fluid / Input Pressure : Clean air/max. input pressure of 0.7MPa 

Operating Temp./Humidity : 0~45℃/10~90%RH(without freezing or dew condensation)

Storage Temp./Humidity : -30~50℃/10~90%RH(without freezing or dew condensation)

Installation Distance : 50mm~300mm approx. (between a charged product and discharge tip of the gun)

Decey Time : Approx. 0.5 sec. (Input air pressure: 0.3MPa, Distance: 150mm)

High Voltage Cable : 3m (standard), silicon shielded cable

Termination Connector : High pressure connector CON-4

Air Connection : Outer dia.8mm tube applied, one touch joint

Material : 

+ Air gun: Aluminum die-cast, 

+ Nozzle: PA66+SUS304,

+ Electrode needle: Titanium

Weight : Approx. 550g,including high pressure cable (3m) and high pressure connector 

Noise : Approx. 95dBA (Input air pressure:0.3MPa) 

Air Consumption : Approx. 110L/min (Input air pressure:0.3MPa)

Life Expectancy : 10,000 hours (only as a guide) (8hours operation×250days×5years)



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