TENMARS TM-91 辐射强度计 (0.50µSv/h~1400µSv/h, 50µRem/h~140.0µRem/h)

Display: 3 1/2 digits LCD with maximum reading of 1999

Sampling: 20s/time

Units: µSv/h, µRem/h

Measurement Range: 0.50µSv/h~1400µSv/h, 50µRem/h~140.0µRem/h

Resolution: 0.01µSv/h,1µRem/h

Test radiation: β-radiation & γ- radiation

Energy dependency: 30KeV to 1.3MeV

Accuracy: ±15%: 20µSv/h, 2000µRem/h Other

          ±20%: 20µSv/h~1400µSv/h, 2000µRem/h~140µRem/h

Alarm Settlings

Default value: 0.50µSv/h

Setting range: 0~19.99µSv/h

Auto Power off

Default value: 30 minutes

Setting range: 0~60 minutes(0: disable the auto power off)

Dimension: 143x74x34mm (LxWxH)

Weight: 220g

Battery type: 006P 9V

Battery life: About 50 hours



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