Temptronic DCP-101 台式直接接触热循环系统 (-55~175°C,±1.0°C)

Temperature Performance: 

Range: -55 to 175°C @ 23°C ambient

Accuracy: ±1.0°C; Stability: ±0.4°C

As measured at thermal head: 

     Cooling Power: 40W @ -40°C

     Transition Rates: 25 to -40°C, <1.5 min

Temperature Sensors: Main sensor: RTD, DUT sensors: K thermocouple, Diode, 100Ω RTD, Analog

Temperature Calibration: Software calibrated

Communications Interface: Ethernet (TCP/IP), USB / Optional IEEE488, RS232

Maximum Force Allowable on Thermal Head: 980.6 N (220.4 Lbf)

DUT Dimensions: From 2 x 2mm to 50 x 50mm (0.079” x 0.079” to 2.0 x 2.0”)

Operator Interface: 

5.25” color touch-screen, programmable with 0.1°C resolution

Preset temperatures,ramp,soak,cycle.

Ramp rate control, Graphing and data logging, Web server, Offset calibration

Analog temperature inputs

Thermal Head: 89mm (3.5”) diameter 

Thermal Head Hose: 1.8 meters (70”) long, optional 3.0 meters (118”) long

Frost Free Thermal Head: Low flow dry air or nitrogen purge 0.05cfm, -70°C (-94°F) dew point

Controlled automatically

Physical Dimensions: 445mm D x 356mm W x 299mm H (17.5”D x 14.0”W x 11.75”H)

System Weight: 27.2 Kg (60.0 lbs.)

Noise Level: 55 dBA

Power Requirements:

115 VAC (±10%), 15 amp, 50/60Hz

208/230 VAC (±10%), 10 amp, 50/60Hz

Purge Dry Air Supply: User supplied, regulated, -70°C (-94°F) air or nitrogen, 0.1cfm at 0.2 BAR

Operating Environment: 

Temperature: 5 to 35°C (40 to 95°F)

Humidity: 20 to 95% RH

Compliance: CE | RoHS | EU 517/2014 | designed to meet UL61010





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