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SKZ Industrial SKZ1039C 多波长自动偏振仪 (±89.999°(光学旋转))

Test items: Optical rotation, specific rotation, concentration, Brix

Storage test results: 1500 times, average and root mean square

Light source: Light emitting diode + The interference filter with high precision

Output: USB and U disc

U disc output: Pictures or data format files

Wavelength: 589nm and 546nm

Optional: 405 nm, 436nm, 578nm, 632nm

Test range: ±89.999°(Optical rotation)

Minimum reading: 0.001°(Optical rotation).

Accuracy: 0.02 grade

±0.01°(-15°≤Optical rotation≤+15°)

±0.02°(Optical rotation<-15° or Optical rotation>+ 15°)


0.002°(-45°≤Optical rotation≤+45°)

0.005°(Optical rotation<-45° or Optical rotation>+ 45°)

Length of Test Tube: 200mm and 100mm, 100mm (temperature control)

Mini. sample transmittance: 1%

Temperature controll range: 15℃ -30℃

Temperature Accuracy: ±0.5℃

Display: 7-inch LCD touch screen color dot-matrix display

Operation system: Windows

Power: 220V±22V 50Hz±1 Hz

Overall Dimensions: 710mm×365mm×235mm

Weight: 37kg



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