SKB MIKO-7 毫欧姆表(10A)

Manufacturer: SKB
Model: MIKO-7 (basic software)
Origin: Russia

Application: Windings of power transformers, instrument current transformers,
electromagnets and electric motors; Compensatory, current-limiting and
other resistors of high-voltage circuit breakers; Contacts and contact connections of power and signal circuits; Cables.
Resistance range: 10µOhm ÷ 1kOhm
Maximum permissible intrinsic error of resistance measurement: ±(0.1%+0.5µOhm)
Measuring current intensity, А: 0,015 ÷ 10
Relative drift of measuring current intensity, %/s: ±0.002
Set output power limits, W: 0.3; 1; 5; 20; 62
Power supply voltage from the external accumulator storage battery, V: 11 ÷ 14
Maximum consumed power, W: 120
IP rating in operating state: IP20
IP for transportation: IP64
Operating temperature range, ºС: -20 ÷ +50
Maximum measuring unit weight, kg: 3.2
Dimensions, mm: 270х250х130
Interface language: English
User manuals language: English
Calibration interval, year: 3

Standard complete set:
+ MIKO-7 measuring unit
+ Mains cable СКБ031.23.00.000
+ Ground wire СКБ010.01.00.000
+ Zero resistance equivalent СКБ023.15.00.000
+ Shunt 75ШСММ3
+ VP2B-1V-2А cut-out (2 pcs.)
+ Attachment devices set kit

Additional complete set (on order)
Advanced software (SW) code
Measuring cable СКБ031.18.00.000
Measuring cable СКБ031.21.00.000
Measuring cable СКБ031.19.00.000
Measuring cable with a fast-switching ground clamp
Measuring cable extension (set of 2 pcs.) СКБ031.20.00.000
Battery power cable СКБ031.17.00.000
Cable USB 2.0 A-B
Reference inductor adaptor СКБ023.12.00.000
Cable and documentation bag СКБ126.06.00.000
Manipulating rod

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