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Senseca XPT 800-SLM-0 Class 1 sound level meter (> 125dB)

Acoustic standards:


Sound Level Meter

IEC 61672-1 (2013) class 1

IEC 60651 (1979) plus Amendment 1 (1993-02) and Amendment 2 (2000-10), type 1

IEC 60804 (2000-10) type 1

Octave and fractional octave band filters

IEC 61260-1 (2014)


Sound Level Meter

ANSI S1.4-1983 plus ANSI S1.4A-1985 Amendment type 1 (sound level meter)

ANSI/ASA S1.4-2014 class 1

ANSI S1.43-1997 type 1

Octave and fractional octave band filters

ANSI/ASA S1.11-2014 Part 1

Analysis software: Environmental Noise Studio



Mode: continuous or event. Resolution 16, 24, 32-bit.

Audio-band: 5, 10, 20 KHz. Format: Wave or compressed ADPCM


Embedded codec for signal generation. Filtered Audio playback of microphone input

Averaging: Linear, exponential, moving, max, min

Calibration: Acoustic: Manual or automatic (tone detection). Calibrations history



MC800: Free field ½”, 50 mV/Pa sensitivity; 0V; IEC 61094-4 WS2F, 3.15Hz-20KHz.

MP800: preamplifier, automatic detection of model and calibration data. SDI (Sensor Digital Interface). CTC automatic electric calibration

Accelerometer: IEPE, 4-pin circular push-pull, tri-axial


Tonality: Automatic identification according to DM 16/03/1998 and ISO1996-2 (TBA)

Impulsivity: Automatic identification according to DM 16/03/1998

Dimensions: 304x86x38 mm

Display: 4.3” touch, 480x800px, colour TFT, high brightness, sunlight readability

Frequency weightings: A, C + B or Z (user selection). 3 simultaneous

Hardware interface:

USB-C: USB-C, OTG 2.0. MS (Mass Storage) and CD (Communication Device)

Ethernet: RJ45 10/100 Ethernet

Aux: RJ12: auxiliary connector for external devices

Audio I/O: 3.5mm 4-pin audio jack: audio I/O and trigger I/O

Intelligibility: STI/STIPA (TBA)

Keyboard: ON/OFF/MENU key with RGB backlight; Function keys (2x); Multi-colour Status Indicator.

Localization: GPS: TBA

Logging interval: Time history, independent Short, Standard, Report steps: Short 10ms. Standard 100/200/500ms/1s.; Reports: 10/20/30s,1/2/5/10/20/30/60m

Measurement control: Start, stop, pause, reset, back-erase, continue, event marking, audio Recording.; Measure timer from 1s to 23:59:59 hrs

Measuring range

Dynamic range: > 125dB

Linear Operating Range:

A (1kHz) 20 dB – 140 dBPk

C 22 dB – 140 dBPk

Z 25 dB – 140 dBPk

With standard MC800, 50mV/Pa microphone, MP800 preamplifier

Noise criteria: NC, NR, RNC, RC, (TBA)

Parameters: Lp, Leq, LIeq, SEL, Leqmov (Sliding), Lmin/max, Lpeak, Level differences (i.e. LCeq-LAeq), LU (user); LAFT (TaktMax) , LPER(day, evening, night..), Ln (0.1%-99.9%)

*For more details about parameters see specific documentation

Power consumption: Operating time > 24h

Power supply: Rechargeable battery pack, Li-Ion polymer, 9000mAh. PCM circuit for battery protection

Spectral analysis


Real time, 1/1 octave, 8Hz to 16kHz, IEC 61260-1:2014

Real time, 1/3 octave 6.3Hz to 20kHz, IEC 61260-1:2014


Statistical analysis: Broad band and Spectral: 7x Ln selectable percentile levels (0.1%-99.9%). Probability/Cumulative distribution

Storage capacity: Embedded 4GB eMMC and up to 64GB μSD; USB memory stick. Upload to cloud storage service. Manual or (TBA) automatic

Time constants: Fast, Slow, Impulse, Peak simultaneous

Triggers: Single or multiple triggers (OR/AND) on broad-band, spectra, Ln, Lmov


SLM: 6 user selectable parameters; Levels difference (selectable); bar graph of 3 broadband levels. Alarms display on exceedances.

Numerical Tables: All broad-band parameters, weightings & time const. in parallel: Inst., Average, Max-Min ; 7 x Ln percentiles broad-band, Ln moving, 7 x Ln of 1/1 or 1/3 octave frequency bands.

Spectrum: Inst, Min, Max, Avg, Mov, Ln

Exceedances: ongoing exceedances; n° of occurrences (SLM, Markers, audio.)

Frequency Spectrum:

Histograms: up to 4 selectable. Values @cursor position. Overall A, C, Z, User

1/1 or 1/3 octave; Spectrum ponderation: A, C, or Z; Time constants: Lin, Fast or Slow

Type: Inst, Mov, Avg, Max, Min, Rep-Avg, Rep-Max, Rep-Min, Evn-Avg, Evn-Max, Evn-Min

Time history:

Time profile of up to 4 selectable parameters. Audio and event markers as coloured bars.


Broad-band: Spectral: 1/n oct. Ln levels (histogram); probability/cumulative distribution (TBA).

Web application Noise Studio Web (data cloud storage)

Weight: 505 g (batteries included)


Wi-Fi: Embedded WiFi module (IEEE 802.11 b/g/n)

GSM: Embedded 4G-LTE modem module (TBA)


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