METONE T-200 Air Temperature Sensors (-50~50°C; 8” pigtails)

Temperature: -50~50°C (-58~122°F)

Optional Calibrations: -50~70°C or -40~60°C (-58~158°F or -40~140°F)

Sensitivity: Alpha 0.00385 ±0.00002 Ohm/ohm/°C

Operational RH: 0~100%

Nominal Resistance: -100ohm ±0.1ohm resistance (Ro)

Time Constant: 45 sec, approx. in moving air

Accuracy: ±0.1°C (0.18°F) throughout the range, PSD compliant

Configuration: 4 Wire Connection

Connection: 8” pigtails (for use with 076B Radiation Shield)



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