METONE E-BAM Plus Portable Beta Gauge (16.7L/min)

Measurement Principle: Particulate Concentration by Beta Attenuation

U.S. EPA Designations Measurement: PM10 Designation Number: EQPM-1215-226

Measurement Sample Time: 1 Hour

Flow Rate: 16.7L/min inlet flow rate; actual volumetric flow

Filter Tape: Continuous glass fiber filter; 30mm x 21m roll; > 60 days/roll

Span Check: Manual, 800ug (typical), span foil included.

Beta Source: 14C (carbon-14); 60µCi ±15µCi (2.22MBq)

Beta Detector Type: Photomultiplier tube with organic plastic scintillator

Operating Temperature Range: -30~50°C.

Operating Humidity Range: 0~90%RH, noncondensing

Inlet Humidity Control: Actively controlled inlet heater module

User Interface: 4.3” graphical touch screen

Ambient Sensor: Model 597A combination AT, RH, and BP serial sensor AT: -50~70°C; RH: 0~98%; BP: 375~825mmHg

Analog Outputs: 2 Channels; optically Isolated; Voltage Range 0~1, 0~2.5 or 0~5 VDC, Current Ranges 4~20MA

7500 Digital Serial Interface: 2 channels, half duplex RS-485

Serial Interface: 1 channel; full duplex RS-232, USB (Shared common serial output) 1 channel; half duplex RS-485, Baud rates 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200, 38400, 57600, 115200

Internal Data Storage: 8 Days 1-minute average, 1.3 years 60-minute average

External Data Storage: 1 USB Flash drive device

Compatible Software Power: Air Plus 5, COMET™, HyperTerminal®

Supply: AC Version: 100~230VAC; 50/60Hz; 150W, 3A @ 115VAC/2A @ 230VAC

Weight: 75lbs. (34.1kg)

Dimensions (Without Tripod): Height: 18 in (46cm); Width: 16 in (41cm); Depth: 12 in (31cm)




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