METONE 074 Radiation Shield (2.54cm; 1.9cm)

The Model 074 Radiation Shield is designed to greatly reduce errors in temperature and relative humidity due to direct solar radiation.

Sensors: Model 065, 083E-1-35 1 & 085-35

Transducer Sensing Zone: 1in. (2.54cm) maximum

Max. Transducer Diameter: 0.75in. (1.9cm)

Mounting: U-bolt and mounting arm assembly adapts to a variety of pole diameters.

Plate Material: Spun aluminum (7 each)

Finish: Gloss white powder coat

Dimensions (less sensor):

Diameter: 7in. (17.8cm) 

Height: 3.5in. (8.9cm) 

Weight: 2.0lbs (0.91kg)




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