Met One E-BAM 在线颗粒物监测仪

Manufacturer: Met One
Model: E-BAM
Origin: USA
Warranty: 12 months

Advanced Features
- Accuracy and precision consistent with U.S. EPA requirements for Class III PM2.5 and PM10 measurement.
- Real-time, accurate results without correction factors, regardless of season or geographic location.
- rue ambient sampling provides accurate measurement of semi-volatile nitrates and organic compounds.
- Lightweight, rugged construction is easily mounted on a tripod in minutes.
- All-weather construction allows for true ambient sampling.
- Operates on AC or DC power. Battery and Solar options available upon request.


Range: 0 – 65 mg per cubic meter
Accuracy: 2.5 μg or 10% in 24 hour period
Measurement Cycle: Hourly measurements with 1, 5, 10, 15, or 30 min 
real-time averages
Beta Source: C14, less than 75 microcurie, Half life of 5730 years
Detector: Scintillation probe
Analog Output: 0-1V, 0-2.5v, 0-5V, selectable hourly or real-time output
Filter Tape: Continuous glass fiber filter
Inlet: Compatible with EPA PM10 and PM2.5 inlets
Flow Rate: 16.7 liters per minute, adjustable
Flow Accuracy: +/- 2% of reading, volumetric flow controlled
Sample Pump: Dual diaphragm type, DC powered, 4000 hr rating
Alarm Signals: Filter, flow, power and operation failure
Input Power: 12 Volts DC @ 48 Watts max
Alarm Contact Closure: 2 Amp @ 240 VAC max
Operating Temperature: -30 Deg C to 50 Deg C
Enclosure: 41 cm x 36 cm x 20 cm, 13kg
Standard Components
E-BAM is a complete measurement system it comes with the following:
8 Channel Datalogger Internal DC Vacuum Pump Standard
Real-Time Concentration PM10 Inlet
Aluminum Tripod Ambient Temperature Sensor
Volumetric Flow Control Weatherproof Enclosure
Filter Temperature Sensor Filter RH Sensor
Filter Pressure Sensor Calibration Membrane
Options and Accessories
BX-302 Zero Calibration Kit EX-034 Wind speed and direction sensor
BX-305 Leak check valve EX-121 AC Power supply, 100-240 VAC, 
12 VDC output
BX-307 Flow Calibrator EX-593 Ambient RH Sensor
BX-308 PM2.5 Sharp-Cut Cyclone EX-996 Phone modem kit
BX-803 TSP Inlet EX-911 Cell modem kit
460130 Filter tape, roll 9425 Wall mount bracket
Airsis Satellite modem kit External AC Vacuum Pump
MMP MicroMet Plus Software Solar Panel Array
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