Laryee CMT2375 夏比摆锤冲击试验机(750J; 5.24m/s)

Impact energy: 750J
Impact velocity: 5.24m/s
Raising angle: 150°
Striker tip angle: 30°
Anvil taper angle: 11°
Pendulum Pole length: 750 mm
Standard Sample span: 40mm
Round angle radius of grips: R1-1.5mm
Round angle radius of striking edge: R2-2.5mm
Optional striking edge by order: R8mm
Power supply: 3 Phase, ~380V/220V, 50Hz/60Hz
Dimension: 2450 × 1200 × 2455mm
Weight(Kg): 3000kg
Standard Accessories: 
PC, Printer , Control Carbinet
Main Machine, Protect Shell, Manual controller, Anchor Bolts, Jaws (Including support),
Pendulum weight, Span specimen plate, Specimen Centering Plate

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