LABTT LC-400YAZA 自动金相切割机

Feed mode: 1) Continuous feeding of workpiece; 2) Cutting blade cutting feed; 3) Workpiece reciprocating feed; 4) Workpiece cutting back feed; 5) Cutting sheet cutting back feed; 6) Workpiece and cutting piece are fed at the same time (curve); 7) Manual feeding of workpiece; 8) Cutting blade manual feed

Maximum stroke: Z axis 100; Y axis 300mm

Cutting speed: 0.01~3mm/s

Cutting blade specification: 400*3*32

frequency control: 500~3000RPM

Cutting motor power: 4KW

Maximum cutting diameter: φ150mm

Maximum cutting length: 300mm

Cutting chamber size: 445mm×625mm

Cutting fixture: One set of quick push-pull type, jaw height 60mm

Electrical control mode: LCD touch screen, button, rocker

lighting: LED light

cooling system: Four cooling water and one cooling water gun

Circulating water tank: Magnetic filter, 80L

Power Supply: 380V/ 50Hz

weight: 200kg

Overall dimension: 1000mm×1000mm×1800mm

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