Jinuosh MAXIMUS-1.5 投影仪 (Φ1500mm)

With 30/60/90 degree engraved projection screen and clamping reed: Φ1500mm

Transmission projection system with adjustable halogen lamp and cooling fan: Yes

Reflection projection system with 800W 220V adjustable halogen light source and cooling fan: Optional

Overheating automatic protection: Yes

Standby function: Yes

Standard workbench: Yes

Optical accuracy: 0.05% profile, 0.1% surface

Working desk size: 800X200mm

Electric horizontal movement range: 400mm

Electric vertical movement range: 250mm

Manual focus range (automatically selectable): ±25mm

Rotation angle: +15°

Load-bearing: 200kg

Optional lens: 10X/20X/50X/100X



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