Jinuosh L-DCRS01 Lithium Battery Burning Test Machine (10~75mm)

Burner: Bunsen burner, with an inner diameter of 0.375 inches (9.5mm) and a length of about 100m

Flame application time: 0~999.9 seconds ± 0.1 seconds

Flame continued burning time: 0~999.9 seconds ± 0.1 seconds

Flame height: 10~75±2mm

Test rod diameter: 1/4 inch (6.35mm)x14 inch (355.6in)

Test cover width: 12 inches (305mm)xdepth 14 inches (355mm), octagonal

Test cover height: 24 inches (610mm)

Ignition device; automatic ignition

Combustion gas requirements: high-purity liquefied petroleum gas, <customer-provided)

Power supply: AC220V 50HZ

Total power: 200W

Machine size: W1050xH1110xD1050(mm)

Machine weight: about 280Kg

Use battery size: medium and small cylindrical batteries (maximum battery size: No. 1 battery)



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