Jinuosh L-CZJ001 Battery Squeeze Needle Punch Test Machine (1~15KN, 200mm, 10-150m/s)


- Maximum pressure: 1KN-15KN

- Piston diameter: 32mm

- Experimental power mode: hydraulic

- Unit: Kg


- The distance from the tip of the needle to the bottom: the height of the plane where the battery is placed is 200mm

- Puncture speed: 10-150m/s speed (dwell time can be set)

- High temperature resistant stainless steel needle: ¢2mm-¢8m (7pcs)

- Delay function: 0-9999 seconds

- Experimental power mode: hydraulic

- Unit: Kg

Force error: ±1%

Delay function: 0-9999 seconds

Lifting method: electric lifting

Test voltage: AC380V 50Hz total power: 2.0KW

Machine weight: about 450Kg



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