Jinuosh G-P40 Polarizing microscope (5X~50X)

The optical system: Infinite remote chromatic aberration correction system

Observation tube: 

     30° inclined, infinitely far hinged binocular observation tube

     30° sloping, infinitely far hinged tee observation tube

     30°-60° Adjustable dip Angle, infinitely far hinge binocular observation cylinder

The eyepiece:

     High eye-point large field of vision flat field eyepiece PL10X/22mm, with microruler

     High eye point large field eyepiece PL15X/16mm

Objective: Infinitely long working distance stress-relieving flat field objective lens 5X, 10X, 20X, 50X (semiachromatic aberration)

Objective lens 4X, 10X, 20X, 40X, 60X

Focusing mechanism: Low hand coarse and micro coaxial focusing mechanism. Stroke (focusing range) 28mm, fine tuning accuracy 0.002mm. With adjustment and tightening device to prevent sliding and upper limit device to prevent broken slice

Lighting system:

      Upper lighting: adaptive wide voltage 100-240V, reflective lamp room 12V50W, preset center, reflective illuminator, with field diaphragm and aperture diaphragm, including LBD color filter group, with plug and pull type lifting polarizer group

      Lower lighting: adaptive wide voltage 100-240V, reflector room 12V50W, preset center, Cora lighting, with variable field diaphragm

Photographic camera: 0.35X/0.5X/0.65X/1X camera socket, C interface, adjustable focus



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