Jinuosh G-CCD745 Video Microscope (0.7-4.5X)

0.7-4.5X single barrel lens (standard total magnification is 1x-180X continuous magnification)

Flat base of large platform; (Customized black base 400*350mm)

650 linear industrial CCD with high resolution;

LED long-life ring light source;

White LED optical fiber cold light source with adjustable irradiation Angle;

19-inch LCD monitor;

Field of vision: 22mm-3mm

Working distance: 200mm

Handwheel focal length: 60mm

Light source: 10W Imported LED lamp bead life more than 25000 hours Color temperature: 5000K

Optical fiber: 0.5 meter bifurcated optical fiber /1 meter single soft fiber and other configurations see the following product specifications table

High color temperature, small volume, low noise, low energy consumption, energy saving up to more than 50%

Eliminate the hollowness of the beam.

Fan cooling system ensures LED heat dissipation with an average life of 50,000 hours.

Small output spot, suitable for optical fiber with diameter of 3mm~10mm.

Perfect overheating protection function;

No IR and UV radiation



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