Jinuosh DTSL Temperature and Humidity Test Box (5~60°C, 25~95%Rh)

Operating equipment: 7 inch color touch control screen

Ambient temperature: 15-30°C

Power supply: AC220V/50HZ

Power: ≤2KW

Temperature range and resolution: 5°C~60°C (internal control -10°C~80°C); 0.01°C

Humidity range and resolution: 25%RH~95%Rh; 0.01%RH

Temperature fluctuation: ≤±0.1°C

Temperature uniformity: ≤0.3°C

Humidity fluctuation: ≤±0.8%RH (at 20℃)

Humidity uniformity: ≤1.0 %RH (at 20℃)

Thermostat: Temperature adjustment method: Isothermal hot plate heating and cooling system

Refrigeration unit: Imported frequency conversion double compressor

Humidity generator: Industrial-grade integral input ultrasonic atomizer system

Humidity control method: Intelligent PID control, precise control of the ratio of dry and wet gas, forming different wet fields

Temperature and humidity measurement method: Standard electric ventilation psychrometer or precision dew point meter

System self-protection method: The system controller automatically protects abnormalities such as over-temperature, low water level, compressor over-pressure, etc.

Shell material: High quality 304 stainless steel plate sprayed and polished box

Internal dimensions of the studio: 520mm×510mm×520mm

Dimensions (height/width/thickness): 1800mm×785mm×965 mm

Weight: 350kg



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