INSIZE 9501-1200 Máy đo chiều dày lớp sơn, phủ, mạ Insize 9501-1200 (0-1250µm, đầu đo từ tính)

Magnetic induction probe (FE) is to measure the thickness of non-magnetic coating on magnetic substrate
- Substrate : iron, steel, magnetic stainless steel
- Coating : zinc, copper, chrome, tin, plastic, powder, paint (nickel is not included)
Range : 0-1250µm
Graduation : 
0.1µm : range <100µm
1µm : range >100µm
Accuracy : 
+/- (3%L+1)µm : range <1250µm
+/- (3%L+1)µm : range >1250µm
L is measuring thickness in µm
Measuring mode : continuous and single
Minimum substrate thickness : 0.5mm
Minimum measuring area : 7mm
Minimum curvature radius of convex workpiece : 1.5mm
Memory : 500
Power supply : 2x1.5AA batteries
Dimension : 128x68x32
Weight : 340g
Standard delivery : main unit, magnetic induction probe (FE), Zero calibration block for FE probe, Calibration foils, battery, USB cable and software

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