Huatec HB-3000S 电子数字硬度计

Brinell Scale: HBW2.5/62.5 HBW2.5/187.5 HBW5/125 HBW5/750 HBW10/100 、
HBW10/1500 HBW10/3000 HBW10/250 HBW10/500 HBW10/1000
Testing Force
+ 62.5kgf(612.9N)100kgf(980.7N)125kgf(1226N)187.5kgf(1839N)
+ 250kgf(2452N)500kgf(4903N)750kgf(7355N)1000kgf(9807N)
+ 1500kgf(14710N)3000kgf(29420N)
Max Height of Specimen: 230mm
Min Measuring Unit: 0.005mm
Dwell time: 0~60s
Hardness testing Range: 8~650HBW
Magnification of Microscope: 20X
Carried Standard EN, ISO 6507, EN ISO 6506, ASTM E-384, ASTM E-10-08, ASTM E-384
GB/T231.2, JJG150
Distance of Indenter to outer wall: 160mm
Indication of Hardness Value: automatic calculation
Power supply: AC220+5%,50~60Hz
Overall Dimension: (mm): 550*210*750mm
Net Weight: About 90kg

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