HONG KY HK 250E 焊接机

Input Voltage (V) 1 phase 220V ± 15%
Power Output (KVA) 9.5
Output Intensity (A) 20 - 250
Output Voltage (V) 50 - 70
Efficiency 60%
Weight (Kg) 6.5
Welding stick (mm) 2.6 - 4.0

  • Include accessory : Welding clemp wire and Mass clamp
  • The machine can be used when the electric is weak ( > 180V )
  • Save 50%-60% of the electric power, compared with traditional welding
  • High working efficiency, have overload and overheat protection mode, unstable power source
  • Welding materials: Iron, Stainless steel, welder joint beautiful, suittable with buildings
  • Application : to weld the iron door, chrome steel, home industrial appliances and construction, etc..

In order to optimize the shortcomings of the current welding machine in the market, Hong Ky has researched, developed and produced the generation of welding machine HK 250E with many outstanding advantages.

Powerful performance:

HK 250E is a single phase (220V) welding machine using INVERTER ARC technology. The HK 250E electronic welding machine has a powerful 7 KVA output power for fast and efficient work suitable for 1.6 - 3.2mm welding electrodes. Adjust the output current from 20 – 250A. Average performance is up to 60%.​

HK 250E welding machine is a multi-purpose product because it can be welded on stainless steel, iron ... and thin material for beautiful welds with unlimited welding time, excellent ignition and excellent thermal conductivity.

Modern & convenient design:

The light weight is only 6.5kg, small, compact, rugged, easy to handle and move in a variety of working conditions.


With the application of advanced welding technology - IGBT, HK 250E welding machine is suitable for welding on stainless steel and iron materials. So it can be applied for welding iron doors, stainless steel products. And it is also convenient to weld household items or in industry and construction

Savings and safety:

The best advantage of HK 250E that customers make decision to choose this product is that the machine can operate stable even when the power is weak (> 180V). Application of the advantages of INVERTER technology, the machine can save energy by 50% - 60% of power compared to traditional welding machine. The HK 250E electronic welding machine also offers protection (self-shutdown) when overheated, overloaded or unstable power supply makes the machine more durable. Anti-shock mode (250TP, 315L, 400L) ensures user safety when working with HK 250E in wet environment.

In choosing any product, consumers buy not only value but also trust. Always focus on the prestige of product quality , electronic welding machine HK 250E is with up to 12 month warranty policy

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