GYS CUTTER 30 FV 等离子切割机 (230V, 1ph, 10-30A, Torch 4m)

The CUTTER 30FV is a 30A plasma cutter with a cutting capacity of 10mm thick for steel (severance cut up to 15mm). The HF-free arcing system preserves and increases the consumables life span. Designed for maintenance jobs and car body repairs, it integrates robust mechanical parts along with an intuitive interface and flowmeter on the front panel.


- Inverter technology to ensure quality cut on all types of steel (mild, stainless, tempered, HSS), aluminium, copper, etc.

- Consumables replacement is fast & easy for a maximum productivity.

- Intuitive display :

- potentiometer to adjust the output current according to the thickness and material to cut.

- manual adjustment of the air pressure (2.5 to 9 bars) with flowmeter on the front panel.

- HF-free ignition to prevent disturbances that could damage nearby electrical equipment.


- Detachable 4m cutting torch for convenient storage and easy replacement.

- Premium cutting quality : the torch is air cooled offering a great arc stability for all types of work.

- Easy to use trigger mechanism for added comfort.

- Designed to be shock and heat resistant.


- Flexible Voltage, the machine will work on a single phase power supply from 85 to 265V. 

- PFC technology (Power Factor Correction), the electrical power supply usage is optimised for up to 30% energy savings


- Reinforced structure & non-slip rubber feet. 

- Detachable cutting torch and earth clamp.

- Compact, lightweight and portable


Power supply: 230 V, 1 ph, 50/60 Hz

Fuse: 16 A

Cutting current range: 10-30 A

Duty cycle (environment temp. 40°C)

    Imax: 30 A @ 30% 

    @ 60%: 23 A / 89.2 V

    @ 100%: 20 A / 88 V

No load voltage: 459 V

Recommended air flow rate: 115 L/min

Recommended air pressure: 5 > 9 bar

Protection class: IP 21S

Recommended generator: > 6 kW

Dimensions (L x w x h): 45 x 28 x 20 cm

Weight: 11 kg

Standard IEC 60974-1/10 A

Equipped torch: TPT 40 - 4 m

Included accessories: Torch TOPARC TPT 40, 4 m + Earth cable 2 m





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