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GW INSTEK PEL-3031AE Programmable D.C. Electronic Load (1~150V, 0~60A, 300W)

Power: 300W


Voltage: 0~150V(Low)/ 0~150V(High)

Current: 0~6A(Low)/ 0~60A(High)

Min. Operating Voltage(dc): 1V-6A(Low)/ 1V-60A(High)

Static Mode

Constant Current Mode

Range: 0~6A(Low)/ 0~60A(High)

Setting Range: 0~6.12A(Low)/ 0~61.2A(High)

Resolution: 0.2mA(Low)/ 2mA(High)

Constant Resistance Mode



0.6S-0.00002S(1.6666Ω -50kΩ )(300W/500V)

Setting Range: 60S-0.002S(0.01666Ω~500Ω)(300W/15V)

6S-0.0002S(0.1666Ω -5kΩ )(300W/150V)(300W/500V)

Resolution(30000 steps): 0.002S(15V) ; 0.0002S(150V)

Accuracy: (T *1) ± (0.3% of set + 0.6S) + 0.002mS

Constant Voltage Mode

Range: 1~15V(Low)/ 1~150V(High)

Setting Range: 0~15.3V(Low)/ 0~153V(High)

Resolution: 0.5mV(Low)/ 5mV(High)

Accuracy: (T *1)± (0.1% of set +0.1% of F.S)(Low)/ (T *1)± (0.1% of set +0.1% of F.S)(High)

Constant Power Mode

Range: 0W-30W(6A)(Low)/ 0W-300W(60A)(High)

Setting Range: 0W-30.6W(Low)/ 0W-306W(High)

Resolution: 1mW(Low)/ 10mW(High)

Accuracy: (T *1)±(0.6 % of set + 1.4 % of f.s (Full scale of H range)) + Vin^2/500 kΩ

Dynamic Mode


T1& T2: 0.05mS - 30mS / Res : 1uS; 30mS - 30S / Res : 1mS

Accuracy: 1uS / 1mS ± 200ppm

Slew Rate (Accuracy 10%): 0.001~0.25A/uS(Low)/ 0.01~2.5A/uS(High)

Slew Rate Resolution: 0.001A/uS(Low)/ 0.01A/uS(High)

Slew Rate Accuracy of Setting: ±(10% + 15us) ±(10% + 15us)

* Time to reach from 10% to 90% when the current is varied from 2% to 100% (20% to 100% in L range) of the rated current.

Constant Current Mode

Current: 0~6A(Low)/ 0~60A(High)

Setting range:  0~6.12A(Low)/ 0~61.2A(High)



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