EYAN ES-280 TCT 钨钢圆锯片研磨机

Eyan specializes in cutting tools. One of our most popular products is Saw Grinder. This circular saw grinder is of high quality and cost-effective. Not only that, the saw grinder has other impressive advantages such as, efficiency, high accuracy of TCT saw grinder, easy-to-set-up user interface, and good durability of circular saw grinder.
Grinding Range: Ø155 ~ 900 mm
Grinding wheel size: Ø150
Speed of Grinding Wheel: 5000 rpm
Grinding power: 1 HP
Eccentric motor: 40W
Coolant pump motor: 1/8HP
Net weight/gross weight: 310 / 370 kg
Packing Size : 131 x 88 x 155 cm
- SDC Grinding Wheel 1 pc
- Cutting Oil 4 liters
- Tool Kit 1 set

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