EVERFINE EMS61000-11K Voltage Dips and Interruptions Generator

Voltage dip level: 0%~120%

Starting phase (Dip/Rise): 0º~359º

Rise / fall time: 1μs~5μs (100Ω Resistive load)

Dips duration: 1ms~9999ms/0.001s~9999s/1~9999 T/2 (Arbitrary switching)

Repetition time: 0ms~99999ms/0s~99999s/0~99999 T/2 (Arbitrary switching)

Repetition count: 1~99999

Trigger mode: Manual / Auto / External trigger

Output current capacity: Max. continuous current of 16A, 20A current limiting protection

Peak impulse current driving capability: 500A

EUT capacity: AC: 90V~250V, 47Hz~63Hz

Communication: RJ45, Remote control



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