Ersted TDR RI-307M3 高精密电缆故障定位仪


- Measurement modes: 2 channels Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR);

                                     Cross Talk point detection

- Display: Color TFT 5.7" (640x480 pixels)

- Range measuring distance: from 0 to 128000m

- Sub-bands of distance: 0-15m, 0-30m, 0-62m, 0-125m, 0-250m, 0-500m; 0-1000m, 0-2000m,

                                        0-4000m, 0-8000m, 0-16000m, 0-32000m, 0-64000m, 0-128000m

- Distance instrumental error: 3cm (at v/2=100m/μs)

- The effective sampling rate: 3200MHz

- Range concerted resistance: from 25Ω to 520Ω

- Probe pulse duration: from 10ns to 50μs

- The amplitude of the probe pulse: not less than 10V @ 50Ω

- The dynamic range: not less 40dB

- The setting range of the velocity factor: PF=1.000 ... 3.000 (step 0.001), v/2=50...100m/s (step 0.1m/μs)

- Memory: Waveform Library up to 1000 waveforms

                 Cables Library up to 500 cables

- Continuous battery operating time: at least 8 hours

- Time of continuous operating time through the charger: unlimited

- Dimensions: 270x246x124mm

- Operating temperature range from -20°C to +40°C

- Weight with a battery not more than 2.5 kg

Delivery contents:

- Cable Fault Locator TDR RI-307M3: x1

- AC Adapter 12V: x1

- Connecting cable 75 Ohm, 5.0 m, BNC.M - «Alligator clip»: x1

- Connecting cable 75 Ohm, 0.1 m, BNC.M-- «Alligator clip»: x1

- User Manual: x1

- CD-ROM with software: x1

- Accessories bag: x1



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