DET DTE-35 极低频测试装置(35 kV)

The very low frequency test systems from DET have high capacity and compact with cosine –rectangular output squarewave.
Test system has several units that can be easily separated that facilitates easy transportation and use. For example, when tested substation insulators only one high-voltage unit can be used.
Internal timer with three fixed time interval (1, 5, 30 minutes) with a real time clock function. After timer tripping the test system automatically turns off testing mode. DTE test systems has two ranges of measurements of output current—1 mA and 20 mA with digital indication.

- Output voltage, VLF mode (C-R squarewave), max : 35 kV
- Fixed frequencies of VLF generator: 0.1Hz 0.05Hz 0.02Hz
- Capacitance in VLF mode, max: 0.3μF 0.6μF 1.5μF
- Max output voltage in AC continuous mode: 50kV
- Max output voltage in DC mode : +35/-35kV
- Output current in all modes: 14 mA
- Current and voltage measurement error: 3%
- Voltage measurement resolution: 100V
- Continuous operation: 120min
- Current consumption: 5A
- Weight, max: 125 kg
- Power supply: 220+/-22V, 50/60 Hz

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