Cell Instruments TST-01 拉力试验机(0~500N / 0.5%FS)

Aplication: Tensile testers can be used to measure tensile, peeling, deformation, tearing, heat sealing, adhesive, puncture force, opening force and other performance of plastic films, composite materials, soft package materials, plastic flexible tube, adhesives, adhesive tape, label stickers, medical plasters, release paper, protection films, combined caps, aluminum foil, diaphragm, back sheets, non-woven fabrics, rubber, paper, etc.

TestRange: 0-500N (Standard, 50N,100N,200N,1000N are optional)

Speed: 1-500 mm/m (stepless speed changing)

Accuracy: 0.5% F.S.

Effective stroke 800mm(customization available)

ISO 37, ASTM D882, ASTM E4, ASTM D3330, ASTM F904,ASTM F88, ASTM D1938, JIS P8113, GB 8808, GB/T 1040.1-2006, GB/T 1040.2-2006, GB/T 1040.3-2006, GB/T 1040.4-2006, GB/T 2791,GB/T 1040.5-2008, , GB/T 12914-2008, GB/T 17200, GB/T 16578.1-2008, GB/T 2790, GB/T 2792, GB/T 17590, GB/T 4850-2002,QB/T 2358, QB/T 1130, GB/T 7122,

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