BK Precision 5335B万用表功率计/ 频率计/ 数字/ 台式(600Vrms,20Arms,100kHz)

Features & Benefits
600 Vrms ( Cat II ) and 20 Arms direct input
Frequency ranges DC, 0.5 Hz to 100 kHz
 0.1% basic accuracy for voltage and current
4.3-inch color LCD (TFT)
Simultaneously measure and display up to 12
measurement parameters
Capture inrush current, and voltage surge with
the peak function
Harmonic measurements to the 50th order
Integration function with automatic range
Ability to measure electrical energy which is
produced or consumed
Pre-compliance testing according to
IEC/EN 62000-3-2 / 4-7
Standard USB (USBTMC-Compliant), GPIB,
RS232 and LAN interfaces
Line and frequency filter capability for
reducing unwanted signal noise
Optional universal breakout box to simplify
connection between power meter and DUT

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